Buying a Property

What is a park home?
A modern park home is more like a luxury bungalow rather than the residential caravan it is broadly based upon.
Built in factory conditions, a park home is timber framed on a steel chassis, insulated and clad on the outside, under a pitched tiled roof. Park homes are double glazed, have traditional gas fired central heating via radiators, come with fully fitted luxury kitchens and bathrooms, fitted bedroom furniture, fully carpeted with matching curtains and in many cases fully furnished.

Park homes come in a variety of sizes. Single units tend to be a maximum of 14 feet wide and double units a maximum of 22 feet wide, both come in lengths between 36 feet and 48 feet although some manufacturers have a 65 foot option but some sites cannot accommodate these.

There are many different manufacturers with hundreds of different designs to choose from and most manufacturers offer the option to redesign their units to suit your individual needs.

Park home sites

As with all property, location, location, location is of paramount importance, so first choose the site which best suits your needs. Broadly speaking there are two types of park home site, residential and holiday. You will find both residential and holiday sites by clicking Park Homes For Sale on our home page.

Residential sites have a permanent license where you can live all year round as your primary residence.

Holiday sites in most cases have a restricted license, some of which but not all close for some months each year, in all cases you will require another UK address. On these sites you do not pay council tax, cannot register to vote or receive mail.

Choosing a park home

Having chosen the site where you want to be, you now have the choice of ether buying a new or a previously owned park home. You will find a huge selection of both by clicking Park Homes For Sale on our home page.

Buying a park home

Buying a park home is a simple process, you don’t even need a solicitor, having said that, we do recommend you take independent legal advice before you commit yourself to buying. Unlike buying a traditional property there is no Stamp duty to pay either, the whole process is quick and relatively cheap.

You will be asked to pay a deposit, which will either be held by us or the site owner depending on which site you have chosen, and whether you have selected a new or previously used unit.

On an agreed date, you will meet with the owner, the site owner and a representative from Park Homes Of Distinction where the lease and site rules will be signed and or transferred, at which point you pay the balance of the agreed purchase price and you can move in.

Residents Rights and Obligations (395kb)
Pitch Fees and Other Payments